Artist's Statement

The fairy tales we were told as children, inform the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves. In short, we create our own personal mythologies, and it is this rich and fertile territory that I seek to explore in my work.


Simone Bizzell-Browning

Simone Bizzell-Browning lives and works in West Wales. Her work is primarily sculptural and although not allied to any particular medium, often incorporates cast elements in both bronze and iron.

Simone graduated in 2012 with a first class degree in Fine Art Sculpture. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is currently engaged in a graduate residency at The School of Creative Arts, Carmarthen.


New Sculpture Trail 2015
Sculpture Cymru At Mwac

Mid Wales Arts Centre,
Powys, Wales, UK
April - Oct 2015

Iron Maidens

Iron Maidens is an international exhibition of sculpture and drawings by British and American female sculptors who work in cast iron.

"Liquid iron forms the core of the earth and courses through our bodies in the form of haemoglobin. It is the stuff of legends all over the world and its development into a useable material has transformed our culture and environment, and fine artists, as the keepers of cultural myths, have been attracted to the material over the centuries. In the last fifteen years cast iron has become part of the contemporary sculptural repertoire and Wales is becoming a European centre of excellence in this material ".
(Robert Harding, Inheritors of the Vulcan Tradition, Planet, 2006).